School stuff:


bullet Subjects for spring 2006; Distributed systems, Internet protocols and Information and System Security
bullet Subject for autumn 2006; Security seminar, Mobile communications network and Method seminar.
bullet Master Thesis spring semester, see below.

Own notes spring 2006: Security, Distributed

Linkedin (connected with people)

 Master Thesis: 2007
bullet Agder mobility lab
bullet ACM Portal

The picture was taken on my brother and his wife's farm.

bullet Lived with my family at Sondre Strom Airbase (Kangerlussuaq), Greenland from 1975-1978.  Back a couple of times after this.  Latest in 2003.
bullet At 19 I joined the RNoAF at Kjevik.  Mil link Norway.
bullet After 3 years there I did my service at Andoya airforce base for 3 years.
bullet Then I started at HSH college in Haugesund.
bullet Joined WesternGeco after college. 
bullet Network and Security course spring 2004.  The tool I made for others to learn: Network and Security
bullet I finished my M Sc at Agder university college UiA 2005-2007.



bullet Other stuff:   Kjokken 2001Fredrikstad, Breidstul tur flyttet campingvogna fra Roldal. Akevitt test.
bullet Friends with work/private homepages: Elin, Arne,Nina, Caroline, GretheN, Henriette, Kylstad Vestre (Sten and Elin), Ben, Ekrheim og Thomassen, Gunn & Christen, Ingelin, Jaranweb
bullet Eurofoto Album link
bullet First pictures of Apartment in Grimstad 05 and Grimstad 07.