Voss all tourists stop at Voss (1 hour from Bergen by train)

Extremesport Voss end June You should go there next year!! Voss Now!!

Voss is a special place for Norwegians also, not only for Japanese and American tourists.  From Voss we get great skiers, but  also skydivers.  Here it seems, you can do any sport.  You fancy using a padle, or a bicycle or a shute?


All from Voss, old and young are in good shape:




Voss has got the only BULA shop in Norway.  Voss is a place for activities like this the rest of the year too, not only during end of June.


What's in the sky, skydivers!  Warming up for the mens final, the woman won the womens final.  All are shown the routes before they start.


Here is an overview of the area where the paragliders and skydivers land.  The tent is where the bands are playing and where the movies from the days events are shown.  Base jumping, kayaking, rafting, riverboarding and mountain biking are not done in the centre of town, but still not far away.

I only bicycled around the lake Vang, this took me 2 hours.  Those that I met and those that overtook me must have used half the time.