Thailand October 1998

Bangkok - Phuket (Kata Nois beach) - Similan Islands -

Phuket (Patong beach) - Bangkok


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* Grand Palace: A beautiful place. Beware of bare body parts and don't wear fishermans pants even though they cover your legs.

* China town: Walk around and have a look at what's going on, wait in the rain with the rest of the people and watch the umbrella man sell his different umbrellas.

* National museum: I think that when you are in a new country you should get to know it's history. Go for a walk in the University areas just south of the museum, get to see the everyday life of bright Students. You are heading towards the Grand Palace anyway, even though it's hot you get to feel the distances instead of driving a taxi all day.

* Kao San road: This is a place where you get western food (part from Pizza Hut and so on at various places in Bankok, order more pizza than normal since Thai people don't eat that much and BIG is really MEDIUM in Asia) and you get to see snotty youth from all over the world.  You get to shop here too and you get to see the latest in Video movies.  There are also quite cheap places to sleep here still with a bit of a clean standard.

* Shop: Tailor (James Fashion International) is recommended by a travel agency in Norway and some of the customers are also ambassadors. The address is 344/2-6 Sukhothai rd in Bangkok. Pathpong is of course the place you have to go and it's really easy to bargain (I hate bargaining, but here it is easy), during daytime you should go to Siam Center (almost no tourists) where you get everything you have ever dreamed of to a fixed price (if you buy a lot you can bargain here too). If you don't like to shop you can just walk around feeling like a local or play games in the game hall.


Grand Palace

When visiting the Grand Palace in Bangkok (you have to) you can get a tour with the free guides, it's really fun. But it's nice to walk around looking and let the peace and quiet cool you down. It's hot and don't wear miniskirts, that's like having a strip show in your Church at home!

China Town

In October it rains... and also in China town in Bangkok. For a Scandinavian the amount of water pouring down is amazing!!

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* Getting there: You can get to Phuket by bus from anywhere (Bangkok-Phuket took 18 hrs, too long) or by airplane (2000 Baht one way and you are there in no time if time is important). It's 10 times more expencive to go by plane, but if you have the money it's 10 times better as well.

* Going out on the town: You have all kinds of people in Phuket. Old/young couples, single men (gay and straight) and single women. I have heard that it's not that fun for single females to go out on the town. At a large disco in Patong we were seated beside some gay couples. I found out that they were gay quite fast, but the local girls looking more like rap girls from New York (big trousers and stuff) wanted them to come along and dance with them. Maybe the local girls knew they were gay as well, I guess they were sick of those straight men unable to dance at all. It was really terrible watching some white straight men dance. They didn't have rythm at all, it looked like they were playing an act in bed instead of being on the dance floor! But these gay boys and especially one of them Hiiihaaa. He had been dancing before! The local rap girls wanted him on the podium after a while and he danced the ass off all of the girls. It was really enjoying to watch somebody dance that well and with that energy. The local dancing queens lost their breath, but he kept on. After these guys left, it all went dull and we left the place as well. There are loads of nice places to eat and sea food is their speciality.

* Activities: There are boat rides to anywhere, there are 4 golf courses (give the female caddies loads of tip, they deserve it!), scuba diving, wind surfing, MC/car rentals, fixed price taxies, cave kayaking and sailing + more.

* Beaches: Kata is nice and quiet, Karon is long, Patong is busy (still very nice) and Laguna (Sheraton and two other hotels) is expencive and still not clean (and nothing is going on there except for Triathlon and why didn't anybody inform the tourists, it would have been really fun!!! We were there, but it was all these "important" people not having fun at all). I like Patong, you have everything there. But it is slightly more expencive than Karon.

Norwegian link to Thailand. Brita and Gunnar


Patong at night, a lot of action. And playing golf at Banyan Tree golf club (good hamburgers).

Patong beach, Laguna beach (fisher men) and Thai International Triathlon in Laguna.

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Similan :

* How to get there: Phuket Island has an International airport. From there you take a taxi to Patong. On the beach strip you have all the diving shops you will ever need. During high season the vessels go into Patong and pick up the divers for the 3 or 5 day trips. Off-seasong we are driven to Chalong on the east coast. You don't have to go to Patong to get to a diving club, it's just that there are so many to choose from on that beach. Patong is really not too bad either, it's here everything is happening.

* The diving: It's so gooooood. You go to a new area every dive, you get 4 dives a day and it's like you are more in the whater than on the vessel (the whole point). It's so easy to dive off the boat. The first dive is at 0810am and then you have one at 11am, 02pm and then 07pm. The life under water is so beautiful and after the dive you look through the book to see what kind of fish/snake/shark you saw on that dive. Our dive instructor was Supatra Wiewel from North of Thailand (She was the only one not getting sea sick the first day and it was rough at the end of october).

We got to: Elephant rock, X-mas point, Beacon point, Koh Tachai, Koh Bon, Deep six, Boulder city and reef # 1. We were sailing with Jonathan Cruises and they had a really safe Captain (we had to turn around the first night due to bad weather).

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