At 7 in the morning in St. Tropez

St. Tropez

There are links to St. Tropez on the net, better than this one.  I just want to tell you about the really nice atmosphere with the narrow streets and the birds singing outside your window.  But there are also downsides.  The rich (or those who try to look like one) has these small dogs (the wealthy they seem to live in towns, that's why they have these small dogs) that shit every where on the streets.  Nobody seems to care about carrying a plastic bag, but after seeing yellow snow every where in Les 2 Alpes as well it maybe a normal French manly way and doggy way, to just do what ever you want to just right there!  In St. Tropez all those people with kind of big yachts put them in the harbor for every one to see.  Those with really allot of dollars or FF in their pockets have their vessels parked far out in the bay though.  But still this is a nice town, the French are nice and their English is good and the hotel I stayed at (Hotel Les Palmiers ) was cozy.  There are sandy beaches as well, but I didn't get to those because it was raining.  I will be back.

To get there you take the train to either Toulon or Saint RaphaŽl.  The last bus for St. Tropez leaves at 19h15 from Toulon and 19h50 from St. RaphaŽl.

But if you are going around a bit on the coast there visiting Cannes, Nice and Monaco you can rent a car in Marseilles or the other big towns if you get there by plane.

I took a train from Charles DeGaule airport to Marseille and train and taxi from there.

Is it going to be rain in the evening in St.Tropez? Big boats in the Harbor around 7 in the morning.

Hey!  Norwegians!  Still sleeping!! 7h15??

A Nowegian boat "Thule" was in St. Tropez.

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