New Orleans

I have crew-changed out of New Orleans many times and there is always fun to find, in the French Quarter.  Even when being alone I enjoy the Quarter,  then it is nice to get up early in the morning and go for a walk alone feeling like being a resident.  You get easily in to town with a taxi if you are two or more, if it's only you then take a small bus.  The taxi ride is close to 20USD if I don't remember wrong.


bulletA good place to start:

Hotels: It is handy to live in Bourbon street, both at night and day time after some shopping.  As long it's not Mardi Gras, you can find a lot of hotels even when you land at the airport

bullet Royal Sonesta is the hotel I have stayed the most in.

Shopping: I always end up with more music CDs when I go through New Orleans, the music stores are open until very late.   Down at the water front you get all you need, but there are huge shopping malls out by the airport too.

bullet Yahoo New Orleans map


bulletHorse carriage ride at sun set (the Quarter changes and also the sounds)
bulletTrip on the Missisipi
bulletGarden district (big houses!)
bullet New Orleans street cars
bullet Jackson square

Eating: You will find nice food every where, there is really no need to mention any.  If you get a table on one of the balconies, you get a good view of the people in the street. 

bulletPat O'Briens is a very good start!


The sun is setting and soon the party will start, every day during the year.