Florida Cocoa, Daytona, St. Augustine, Silver Springs, Orlando

End of May 2003


Flagler beach north of Daytona.  The beach is like this all the way!!

South on Daytona beach

Arriving at night  in Orlando, you will still have to pick up your car and drive to your hotel.  We drove to Cocoa beach sout of Kennedy Space Center.

We had booked a hotel in Orlando for the last part of the week and got a good deal.  If you are able to plan your vacation down to where to stay when, then you can save time and money on booking before going to the US. I went straight for Florida.com, easiest web address to remember when going to Florida. I booked a car through here too.

Eating is not too difficult in the USA.. From Norway we are though used to getting breakfast at the hotel, but Denny's is a very good place to eat.  It has enough calories in your meal to last you 5-6 hours! Though on the Resort Maps you get for free, there are loads of good Restaurants you can go to (take a look at the link to the right). At Cocoa beach we had breakfast/lunch at Sunset waterfront and we even saw a Dolphin while eating!


RonJon surfshop

bulletFlorida.com, Skyventure, DisneyWorld
bulletHotels in Orlando: International drive Daytona beach: Main street pier area
bulletDenny's , The Ocean Deck, SeaWorld.org


           Sunset waterfront (check Resort Maps; 

               Cocoa beach)


Resort Maps, KennedySpaceCenter.com
































Cocoa beach and Ron Jon surf shop open 24hrs aday.





  Silver Springs        A great get-away!!




"Bleik" Island outside "Andoya" in Norway

It's quite high up