From Geneva down the alps to Cannes.

Beautiful lake.

Here is the Lac Blanc up Flegère in Chamonix.












bulletWhere to drive: Maporama
bulletBook hotels: Orbitz, Holiday Inn was the cheapest in Geneva.
bulletCamping in France:



Chamonix:  Les Rosieres camping

St.Tropez: been here before


bulletStayed at Kyriad Lausanne in the centre of town and it was a hotel with an excellent staff.
bullet Michelin map, driving like cracy down the Alpes De Haute Provence

 The traffic is terrible in town and also if you want to go to Cannes or St. Tropez.  Coming from St. Tropez was a pain, there are so many people on the Côte d'Azur during the summer and all have cars.

One of the best hotels in town (Nègresco) uses 2 of the 3 lanes to park their costumers cars during the  night.  For a person outside France, their parking and their driving on motorcycles is something you really need to be adjusted to (a couple of days and you are in to the same way of doing things).



Nice  harbour

Old part of Nice



Everything seems to be more "organized" in Monaco than in Nice when it comes todriving and walking. 

The police stopped me for walking on the wrong side of the road!