Air Maldives stopped flying to India.

Stuck in PARADISE Maldives March 2000

Bring a suit case full of USD and don't care about the prices:     

It's your holiday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


bulletVilla hotels
bullet Cyber cafe
bulletCity Palace hotel, Male.   ph: (960) 312152
bulletKam hotel with pool in Male  Ph: (960) 320614
The pilots on the Humming bird from Malè to South Ari Atoll were from Australia and Canada.  

Return plane ride from Malè 1/2 hr costs 185 USD.  With a fast boat 2.5 hrs costs 125 USD.



I did 7 dives during my 9 nights in the Maldives.  4 nights at Huduveli, 1 night in Malè and 4 nights at Holiday Island.  The dives cost about 60 USD each if you don't have any other gear than mask and fins like I had. To stay at Huduveli costs 85 USD half board pr. day and 161 USD for the Holiday Island resort (I think I got some discount.?).

The visibility is not as good as like diving in Cozumel in Mexico or Similan Islands North West of Thailand, but that's probably because we were diving inside the lagoons.  This way it's excellent to just walk from your cabin and snorkel and see the same thing.  Except for huge Manthas!!!!  One of the morning dives at Hudhuveli we were only 3 in the water at this reef seeing loads of Manthas!  One of them was at least 5m in diameter!  It was like watching an UFO or something.  At the two "cleaning stations" on this reef we saw at least 11 Manthas all together!  At the South Ari Atoll not far from Holiday Island there was a whale shark, but I didn`t get the chance to see it.  

At Holiday Island there were too many divers in the water at the same time for my liking.  If you want to do some really good diving, then rather go to a small island or go on a live-aboard. Both Islands (Huduveli and Holiday) the diving was well organized and they both had some really good female diving instructors.



    Diving boats and areas


Holiday Island (two others)

Diving boat for our selves at Hudhuveli
Diving club at Holiday Island The diving boats at Holiday
                  Malè  Male, the capital of Maldives 
Paradise Island   Paradise Island south of Hudhuveli

Huduveli Resort Hudhuveli Island



The Standard:

It's quite high, like here you wash your feet before you go inside, leaving the sand outside.

Wash your feet 

Holiday Island had A/c and CNN, BBC and MTV.  It's not really needed, but it's nice.  It's also nice to have a telephone in your room even though is't mighty expencive to call anybody.  But they can call you!  Both places were nice, but if I am going back I want an Island were I can choose to eat my meals at what ever time of day and what ever place I want.  No full board or half board for me even though the food was excellent at both places.

Inside at Hudhuveli

Huduveli is closing down June 2000 to be made up to a 5 star resort.

Nice time outside at Hudhuveli


Cool inside

Nice at Holiday Island

Too hot

Holiday Island and t was too warm


Small crab in a shell

This little thing is out for a walk.

Out for lunch

I liked it when the full - boarders left for lunch and I had the beaches all by my self.

Out for lunch also!

Even the big crabs went out for lunch!


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