Val D'Isere    1850m  27.Des - 3. Jan 2004


La Grande Motte viewed from the top of the "Signal" lift.


The Small, but long lift "Signal" brings you to great areas, both back to the "Fornet" station and down in Le Fornet town.


bulletVal D'Isere


Actually the front to the left of the "Signal" slope i very nice when not too many have been there, you have the whole mountain straight down and easy.

But this picture is from the behind of the "Signal" lift.

bulletVal D`Isere 2001


HiiiHaa! It's fun when the snow has gathered >>>>>>>


Warnings, but more grass than snow (top of "Grand Pre")


Monday 29th of December 2003.

Having fun before lunch.


View from above "St. Jacques" slope towards the "Lac Du Chevril"

Walking up a tempting hill just by the "Cugnai" lift.


Val D'Isere town, with the old Church.                           View from Rocher De Bellevarde.


View from 3456m in Tignes.                        DJ and sliding doors! Bottom of Mont Blanc lift.