Val D'Isere at 1850m 

31 - 6th January 2001  off-piste places: Pistehors at Val D'Isere area

Val D' Isere is a 4 hours drive from Geneva during traffic, at night time it takes 3 hours. (bus hours from Geneva page 3)

I did of course get a cold before going to Val D’Isere.  The first few days I was more in to knowing what CNN was publishing on TV and how the soap bubbles in the bath tub changed from looking like Australia, then formed to Sri Lanka and then forming some thing looking like Greenland.  I have now no problems picturing how the continents drifted apart or crashed forming the Alps many, many years ago….
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Here the off-piste route Rocher Du Charvet

The town is nice with the Old Church situated in the centre.  I felt a bit like Cinderella putting my skis on one morning around 9 am and the bell started to ring, I felt I had to finish before the 9th ring (do Church bells ring or do they clong or ding and dong?).



I have the impression that Val D'Isere is well arranged and choreographed.  I think this is because of the Olympic games in Albertville in 1992.  This feeling I got because of the nice shop signs, the happy and the polite people working in the shops and the brochures for all the towns’ restaurants and pictures from the area.  I think Val D’Isere is going to be appreciated among the Scandinavians and British not knowing too much French, the French seem to like us anyway!