Stryn 12th - 15th of June 1999               Stryn 2000 , Stryn 2002

For more info have a look at the net: Stryn summer ski center in Norway.

Overnight stays: Folven camping (most action happens here) Tlf.: +47 57 87 53 40. Fax: +47 57 87 53 00. Mobile: +47 90 02 48 76.  

Snowboard camp

Stryn area info site

Get there by bus

Camera now!  


Ready to ski all the way to the bottum

Piste going all the way down to parking area

Left of "Speed ski"

Left of "Speed ski"

cluds in Stryn

The clouds are where we are.

On the way down from the mountain.

The mountains in nice weather.

down the "Man fall".

"The man fall"

Snow run like water

Snow run like river (The Man fall).

The " Short back side"

"Short back side"

Down from the "Long back side".

Down from "Long back side"