Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt  21-28. November 2002                

Naama bay beach before the sun sets at 5PM.  During Ramadan this time is very important.


Naama bay is where most activities for the tourists are.  In the old city you though can get a feel of how a proper Arabic centre can be like and probably buy cheaper t-shirts than in Naama bay.

The red bus you stop on the "high way" costs 2LE between the two areas, a taxi cost 10LE from Naama bay to your hotel outside.  When diving, you will get picked up at your hotel for free anyway.

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Naama bay seen from the harbour.





The Israelis began building hotels for the soldiers' families during the war (Egypt vs Israel)

Naama bay harbour is like a fish market in the morning.  Very busy.  The Sinai moutains in the back ground.

Diving areas are Ras Mohammed National park (bring your passport with your VISA stamps), Tiran, Strait of Gubal (Thistlegorm) and local dive sites with Ras Umm Sid the best?. 

Ready to dive.  The sea was a bit too rough for the second dive at Ras Mohammed, we are waiting to get to the next diving site.


After each dive we all come back to the shop to relax and talk about the dives.  We also meet up with people we dived with on other day, many then go the"Camel" bar. In Naama bay there is one big beach, one for each hotel and one public one.  Here is a beach SW of Naama bay with the best snorkelling, you pay 10LE for the sun bed.


It is said that the diving sites are not as good as they used to.  Even though tourists and guides are careful, there are damages done.  Tiran to the right is the one said to be damaged the most.  Here the Captain is taking us probably towards the Gordon reef with the wreck of Lullia on the North side, we continued east to Woodhouse reef and Jackson reef afterwards.

It can be a bit chilly in the waters here.  In November the divers dive with 5mm wet suits.

The weather gets rough during the winter also, but when we dived on Thistlegorm (very nice dives) the waters were actually more quiet than out of Naama bay.  We started to sail at 0400AM and watched the sun rise as we headed west.



            Wreck of Lullia on the way back to Naama bay in the evening.  The wind comes from the North and the water is getting white.


Mount Sinai

We started to walk up the 7km long road at 02:10AM.  It was too pleasing to pass tourists with no mountain experience and camels carrying some in a slow motion.  Some of us had to wait for the sun for over two hours.... (sun rise about 05:45AM)

Sun rise in front of a tea/coffee/hot chocolate sales person who also has blankets and madras's.

St. Cathrine's Monastary: Well of Moses, burning bush and the body of the saint from Alexandria.


Church/Monastery on Mount Sinai.  Moses is a prophet both in the Koran and the Bible.

These two women did not see the sun rise either (too many people around), but they kissed the monastery wall just beside me and I got a bit ashamed and moved when seeing it.



    View from Mount Sinai at 2000m after the sun had risen and all the tourist were on their way back down to St. Catherine's monastery



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