Rallarvegen  1. - 2. of August 2006  Overnight in Flåm at Fretheim hotel

bulletOur trip on GPS, simulated by SportSim down/up
bullet Fretheim-hotel.no

  The food at Fretheim hotel was excellent!!!

<<< gates closed due to goats


Finally.  We saw Seltuft on the way down to Flåm, but there was no need to stop.

Sour cream porrige after 2.5 hours finishing the hardest hills from Flåm and up to Selttuft


We used 5 hours from Haugastøl to Flåm and 8 hours going back.  Had one stop at Finse on the way down for 45 min and I had two main stops on the way back with food at Seltuft and a chocolate (Kvikklunsj) and tea just before the highest point of the whole route (1340m) at Fagernut.




<<<< Sheep and cyclist, which is which?


Just below the highest point of the route lays Fagernut as an oasis.  10 km to Finse.




Finse on the way to Flåm.  28 km from Haugestøl to Finse.