Lofoten with "Kaos" end of July 2003

 Started off in Bodø and the flight museum, then with boat to   Moskenes to meet up with friends who owns a sailing boat.  They had sailed it up from Florø to Lofoten in steps over a few weeks.

Then we sailed with them to Værøy, Røst, Værøy again and then Å and to Henningsvær through Stamsund.  Then off with the "Finnmarken" coastal ferry from Svolvær to Bodø again.     


                  If  you don't like Seagulls, don't come hereHere "Kaos" at Røst 




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Leaving Bodø for Moskenes



Some earn a lot of money on fishing.  I still wonder where the owner normally cruise during the days?



Lofoten winter fishery Feb-March every year



Røst was more alive than Værøy we thought, but we met people who had a great time at Værøy.  At Værøy there is an area where it was seen loads of Sea Eagles!

At Røst the taxi driver and the inhabitants were great! 



Å in Lofoten for breakfast.  There are Seagulls every where in Lofoten and some tourists stop to practice their drawing skills.


On the way in to Nusfjord                                                                      A nice place, with shops and showers and hotel.




I liked Henningsvær a lot.  It`s a nice town, with active people.  Climbers Cafè where a Sherpa couple works during the summer.