Les 2 Alpes 7 to 21 of February 1998

Les 2 Alpes link and My Ski guide comments

To get there: (taken from the home page les2alpes and 1Ski.com)

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Le 2 alpes/la grave/st-christophe

We booked our own flights and got an appartment in an appartment building normally used by french families. 

The centre of Les 2 Alpes.

Center of Les 2 alpes a climbing wall and mountains.  It's a huge town with a lot of people, but the ski areas are so big that you don't really see them (at least not off-piste and not too much on the La Grave side either.

View outside the window one morning

The view outside the window one morning.  We had the appartment just outside one of the ski lifts.  This is a full French town with French families, with not too much English spoken like they do in Chamonix.  But what does it matter?  You get to ski a lot and you get your food in the store!

Blue berry pie in the La Grave mountains.

Lunch on the La Grave side (top restaurant).  You should try their blue berry pie!  Why are the French so damn good at their food?  Even far up in the mountains.  Why can't Norwegians learn from them?

Meeting a Norwegian girl

St-Christophe.  Here we had a just superb dinner, with wine to the rabbit.  We met some Norwegians also, staying in La Grave for the season.

Weather was sunny every day!

No snow, just sunshine for 2 weeks!

La Meije towards La Grave

The scale is fooling you.  Top restaurant to the left and La Meije down towards La Grave.