Corfu in the Ionian sea

map of ionian sea

When I have been to Greece before I always went to Athens and by boat out to the Cyclades Islands. They are all beautiful Islands, but this time I went sailing with a colleague living on a boat in Gouvia Marina on the Island Corfu.

I have been dreaming about sailing for a little while, specially after being in Trinidad on a job in 1998. So when I got this opportunity I couldn't say no!

The Corfu Island as they say is a "green Island" and Corfu town looks more Italian than Greek. I really liked the Corfu town with the narrow streets and the nice smells of trees and flowers. It's really cosy eating down town as well, small open squares with excellent food.


Mourtos in the evening.

It was always nice and warm weather when arriving in one of the harbours and it was nice going for a swim just to cool off.

Day one Mourtos (Sivota):

Nice little town on the main land, nice reastaurants and some nice bars. Some charter tourists as well.

Day two Mongonisi:

Quiet place, nice olive trees. There is a restaurant, but opens later (not open in beginning of June).

Day three Gaios:

Anchored up at the south end of Anti-Paxos to go snorkeling (really a nice place) and sailed on the west coast and back to Paxos and Gaios. Gaios is a larger village than Mourtos and there was a really good music bar there and young locals. I liked this town.

Day four Parga:

This was a great place, also for charter tourists (like my self??). It was a shock to the system meeting other Scandinavians (are we THAT bad?!!). But the town was really nice with the fort and the town on top of a hill! Finally I got to dance as well!

Day five Kavos (British meat market):

We moored up at Lefkimmi Ferry harbour had to take a taxi in to Kavos. Holy, holy!!! I felt bad being from Scandinavia in Parga!!! Parga is nothing compared to the British town of Kavos!!! NOTHING was Greek!! There were football games and video arcades and tourists dressed up in tiny skirts showing it all! But what a night club (Future Millenium) they have in town!! Really super, but I don't think my colleague from work liked it that much. .

astros moored up south of Mourtos

Moored up south of Mourtos.

It's really nice to go snorkelling.

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Some spetacular and scary caves west of Paxos.