Lake Gjende

The red T (The Norwegian Mountain Touring Association) is every where in the Norwegian mountains. We are looking down at Gjende lake.

Besseggen is a nice, safe walk as a first timer.

You don`t need a GPS to find your way, there are so many people in the area to help you. But a map is nice to have anyway.
Be aware of a large queue!! It`s huge!! (try to walk the Bessegg midweek) If you have a boat, you can earn a lot of money if you put it on the lake Gjende. You must of course have a permit.... We had to walk from Gjendebu to Memurubu instead of the other way around. The queue on the other side of the lake is just as large, but then you are finished with the walking part (or you could walk your way back to Gjendebu) and you just wait for the boat to bring you back to Gjendebu from Memurubu.
It was cold that day, but we made it!! The whole family was gathered and it was a nice trip. Some think it`s easy to do this 6 hour long trip. But it is a long trip, so a bit of training is recomended. I have done the Nijmegen march twice and thats 40 km a day for four days in a row this is not as bad, but still it's not an easy walk in the sunshine. The day that we went on this trip was cold, but at the end of the day we had a great time!

Two friends of mine from the military days and myself was in Jotunheimen during Easter of 1992. The home of Jotun is spetacular both during winter and summer.

Finally at Memurubu

Where are we?

The first ones to get down to the green lake: Elin, Betty, Sten and Aage. The Besseggen in fog.

The Swedish sister of DNT.

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