Alpe D'Huez

To get here you can go by plane to Geneva (bus to Grenoble 35 Swiss F or 150 FF, bus from Grenoble to Alpe D'Huez is 102 FF, Feb 1999) to Lyon .

The guide Bernard and Cato ready for the forest.

Hotels in Geneva:

Lido ph: 731 55 30

Rhodania ph: 732 32 64

They are both close to the railway station. When you land in Geneva you just go to the information desk and get what ever info and then you take the 6 min train to down town Geneva (all trains stop at down town Geneva). You get a city map from one of the stands at the station and look for your hotel. Those two hotels mentioned up there are really easy to find they are at Rue. Chantepoulet and the price range is 90 to 115 SF (not too cheap, but not too expencive either. Lido has got MTV, CNN, BBC and so on, nice to catch up on the latest news).


Don't eat yellow snow!

The guide needs to get paid in this weather!


Book your hotels with or others. At Geneva airport you should go to the lounge if you have a Diners card since it's always chaos at this airport.  Though for skiareas in the south like Alpe D`Hues, you have other airport opportuneties.


42 degrees just off Pic Blanc

Looking over to Les 2 Alpes ski area

Alpe D' Huez is 1.5 hrs bus ride from Grenoble, almost 3 hrs by buss from Geneva to Grenoble. It contains of two areas Huez and Alpe D'Huez. The top one is where most tourists live. There are a lot of really nice restaurants. I get water in my mouth just to think of the meals you get served there. The French know how to make nice food. The max. altitude is 3330m and there are some nice areas up there. What I didn't really like about Alpe D'Huez was that the slopes near the centre were flat!! It was really difficult to go from one system to the other in the Alpe D' Huez area. The best areas seems to be the Auris en Oisans and down to Oz. I felt a little bit like skiing sideways all week to get to the nice slopes/off-pistes, but the week was good thanks to the guide Bernard (He is no longer with us, may he rest in peace.  When you go with guides you have to follow their orders.  Do not stop further up and start the avalanche!)


Ski report on CNN.