Black Sea  6th October - 10th November 2004

From Georgia to Turkey.

Batumi city and Caucasus mountains on one of our many workboat trips.



Workboat racing with the sun, heading back to the "mother" vessel.


* A crow sat on the workboat antenna for a long time on the way back to "mother" vessel.

* Flashing lights in the "QXpress-room" and circle training on the helideck in the morning.

* View from the back-deck on a clear day.

* Left; transferring and changing a gun cable when it was discovered humidity in the connection area of the gun cable and gun array.

* We had a lot of small birds flying and dying around us on the beginning of the trip.  These birds were eating barnacles falling off the gear brought onboard for repair.  We had to be careful not to step on the birds since they were the same colour as the deck and difficult to see.






Akca Koca from the back-deck and from the chase boat when we crew changed with her.