Topaz 11. July - 15. Aug 2001

  We started off with a crew change with the Western Pacific arriving at Ågotnes outside Bergen. It took 12 hours for them to bring us out to the Geco-Topaz.  North Sea weather and the helicopter situation in Bergen were not working for us this time either.  After 5 weeks though then working outside Brønnøysund, we got helicopters from the base there.


  We had some nice weather during the 5 weeks trip, but a lot of the time we were actually down for weather.  When reconfiguring from one job to the other the weather was so rough that we could not bring the monowings forward to take off the short distance ropes. 


bullet Norne oilfield
bulletNorsk Helicopter AS










<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  This was my first time shooting around a FPSO (floating production, storage and off-loading).  There is always a standby boat around this vessel as well of course and tankers come in quite often to load off the oil.