The Geco-Topaz  4 - 29. July 2000

Water coming up the gun slip.
Summer in the North Sea.... It is a while ago since I was in this area of the world and it came as a shock to me.  I didn't think I had to bring my thermals from 1996 back onboard for a trip  during the summer time.
Gun collar on the streamer and safety harness.
Rebuilding streamers is not fun when the streamer is jumping up and down in the streamer block.  We had to take the streamer out of the block and put a gun cable collar on it with two winches attached, to control the streamer on its way in.  On other vessels similar to the Geco-Topaz, the streamer reels on the gun deck have been modified from doing over-spooling to do under-spooling.  It was also quite scary to stay aft on the lower deck when you sometimes had to look up on the swell coming in.  It felt quite natural to attach the harness to your work vest when taking off birds and other equipment on the streamers.
Paravanes have been squeezed on 200m depth. 17th July 2000.
The new clients arrived in high seas and winds.  They all got aboard, but those who were supposed to be getting off after a few days did not know when.....  We desperately needed supplies and the supply boat Geco - Scorpio had been standby for days out there with us, but the swell was too big to come along side.  Then on the way to calmer seas in the Sognesjoen, we lost the paravane keeping monowing # 4 afloat.
Chase vessel and supply vessel in Sognesjoen 18. July 2000
The Sognesjoen was nice and quiet during the night.  We got our supplies of seismic equipment, food and fuel and the clients that were supposed to get off got off around noon that day.
Geco-Scorpio along side in Sognesjoen.
The Geco-Scorpio left us and we were heading back out to the rough seas again.
Finally nice weather and fog!
Nice weather with some beautiful sunrises and fog later on the day....


The new spread is in the water.  After a bad weather period we got full earth leakage on streamer # 1.  We brought in streamer # 4 to make the stacking of the 8 streamers easier.  Here we are making the work boat ready for changing a section.  It was a bubble causing the trouble though. 

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