bulletFirst brake
bullet Skipsteknisk AS built Topaz
bulletWeather in the North Sea, VIKING
bulletDen Helder support


bullet Trip 1   3 weeks with crew 2 First trip in years in the North Sea. SHOCKING!!
bullet Trip 2   1st trip with crew 1 Outside Shetlands, very bad weather.
bullet Trip 3    Got Q-marine onboard Bergen installing, Grand Canary testing and steaming to GOM.
bullet Trip 4 Gulf of Mexico
bullet Trip 5 Magnus rig, North Sea
bullet Trip 6  Outside Bergen and Norne outside Brønnøysund
bullet Trip 7  Outside Bergen, in Bergen and Sapphire sinking
bullet Trip 8  X-mas 2001, Nigeria
bullet Trip 9  Changed crews to crew 2, Mauretania
bullet Trip 10  Norne and Cambridge test
bullet Trip11 X-mas 2002, Gabon
bullet Trip12 Gabon West-Africa to North Sea
bullet Trip13 Norne North Sea
bullet Trip14 Captain Field,North of Scotland
bullet Trip15 Q-Xpress Oseberg North Sea
bullet Trip16 Linerle & Norne North Sea
bullet Trip17 Georgia and Turkey
bullet Trip18 After the Tsunami East India
bullet Trip19 Last trip on MV Geco-Topaz East India