The Geco - Resolution:

I'm back on a 3D vessel towing 6 streamers!! It was a scary sight for me when arriving by helicopter on crew change day, it felt like a long time since I was on a multi streamer vessel.

21. January - 26. February 1999

  Reso in Eden, NSW

The "Reso" in Eden NSW Australia. Picture shot by Andrew Stagg.            

The weather was the main trouble this trip. Either as large swell causing problems like broken distance ropes or fog preventing us from going out in the work boat. We brought all the gear onboard during the first part of the trip due to the ongoing problems in the engine room after drydock in April last year. We got 30 hrs in Eden NSW. For me it was nice getting to know the crew when off work as well. The last part of the trip the crew showed the clients what they were made of (it's really hard to stay off those chocolate cookies when sitting on-line all the time).

Chief Eng. visiting the gunners

SL and Chief during handover

The food onboard was extremly good thanks to the two new cooks. It was really difficult not having it all, but the plates were too small. Normally you can tell what day it is by looking at the menu, but not onboard here! A new menu everyday and also a new "quote of the day" as well (Hire a teenager now, while they still know everything).

The Miss Apple and Mr Doritos

The funny dudes



The fog gave us poor visibility. Here the port lead-ins on a foggy night.


The fog comes rolling in

The fog is rolling in one morning.


Full house on the gun deck

Before heading for Eden, full house on the gun deck.

Flat calm, not outside NSW

Picture of the "Reso" taken in warmer waters.

We caught a Sun fish on the lead-in while doing streamer work. It seemed to have been dead for a long time. It was not exactly pretty. I am used to eating ugly fish, but this one had been dead for too long. The Instr. dept. had a really nice screen saver on one of their machines showing a lot of old vessels. When will seismic vessels look this pretty? Andrew S. was the one knowing everything about these vessels. I wasn't too found of some of the other screen savers around, but they were popular in curtain departments.

Caught a Sun fish on the lead-in

Picture taken by Chief Observer Iain Knight:  Dead Sunfish on lead-in.

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