WesternGeco Schlumberger 1995 - 2005

I started in Schlumberger Geco-Prakla, but the name was changed during my time in the company.

Vessels I have been on: 

1.Geco-Gamma 1995

2.Geco-Searcher 1995- 1998

3.Geco-Marlin 1998

4.Geco-Resolution 1999

5. Mintrop 1999

6.Geco-Emerald 1999-2000

7.Geco-Topaz 2000-2005

8.Western Regent 2005

supply boat; Geco-Scorpio Images of activities in seismic

The old images above shows how life can be in seismic.  Starting from left with handovers or social gathering when seismic is boring (boring seismic is good seismic), then out for a quick ts-dip (temperature and salinity) and then playing hockey on the helideck after shift.  Shifts run from midnight to noon and noon to midnight.  The last picture is from New Orleans the day after crew change.  The first years we had crew change every four weeks if we were in the North Sea, every five to six weeks in the Red Sea or Africa.  After year 2000 we all went for six weeks rotations, being at home during the last part of December every other year (Christmas).

Schlumberger WesternGeco
Stocks: Yahoo
Clients: Shell Oil Company , Statoil , British Gas , TGS Nopec , Pemex , Exxon, TotalFinaElf, Kerr McGee, PanCanadian, Maersk, ONGC
Competitors: Fugro-Geoteam , CGG PGS , Veritas(now VeritasCGG)
Safety: Nutec , Dupont, DNV
Courses: work/mob boat course